History of French musical instruments: Salusophone woodwind instrument

There is no doubt that people who can imagine the salusophone among orchestral instruments are quite otaku. The salusophone is a very old instrument, and although it was created in modern times, it is an old instrument that is hardly used today. This corresponds to a woodwind instrument, and when you look at it, it looks like a brass instrument.

[World Music Market and Music Genres] New Genre in France: Afro-Trap

France is the fifth largest country in the world music market. With a large market and a large number of African immigrants, African culture has also permeated the country. In France, hip-hop and rap are gaining popularity around the world, and in recent years they have been strongly influenced by them. The genre that was born in such a situation was Afro-Trap. It's a new genre born out of fusion with African music, and it's becoming very popular.

[Audition] How to become a singer? Blind people who became musicians, France edition

Becoming a singer is very difficult. It's an occupation with little demand and an unlimited supply, so it's a very competitive and tough world. However, there are always people who yearn for this profession regardless of gender and age. Those who want to become singers now have to overcome many obstacles. At times, it can break you down mentally. In such a case, feed your fortitude from the lives of these people in this article. You can be a musician even if you are blind.
Live Venue

[Europe Live Venue] Paris, France: Philharmonic de Paris

The Philharmonic de Paris is a famous concert hall in Paris, France. It is home to the Orchester de Paris and has 2400 seats. The modern design by France's leading architect Jean Nouvel is accented with streamlined exterior and interior.
Live Venue

[Europe Live Venue] France Paris: Stade de France

The Stade de France is the stadium where the French national football team is based and is known as the soccer stadium. However, this stadium is also used in rugby and has become the venue for the World Cup.

[Audio] Recommended by French earphone / headphone makers

here are many French earphone and headphone manufacturers. Among them, the headphones and earphones of famous companies have a good reputation all over the world and are known to be of high quality. Among them, earphones such as Focal are known for producing audio products with high recognition and very high performance.

[History of French musical instruments] Celesta: Keyboard instruments

Celesta is an instrument devised by the Parisian organ builder Auguste Mustel. It has a keyboard and is like an organ in size and shape, but the sound is completely different. Below the Celesta keyboard are two metal soundboards, on which hammers that hit the soundboards are lined up.

[History of French musical instruments] Horn: Orchestral musical instruments

The horn is said to have been born in France around the 16th and 17th centuries. Nowadays, it is manufactured by many manufacturers in the world and is called a flower-shaped musical instrument in an orchestra. The horn is shaped like a snail, so it is also a very distinctive and conspicuous instrument.
Musician Background

[France] Musician Background : DJ Snake

DJ Snake is a French record producer, DJ and songwriter. He got a lot of attention with the release of the single "Turn Down for What" in 2013. He made his international debut in 2013 with the singles "Bird Machine" and "Turn Down for What".
Musician Background

[France] Musician Background : David Guetta

David Guetta is a world-renowned music producer DJ. This highly talented DJ was born in Paris, France and began working as a DJ in the 1980s. At the time, he played at a nightclub that continued until his first album was released in 2002, after which he co-founded Gum Productions in 2001. One of his biggest hits is the song "I Gotta Feeling" mixed for Black Eyed Peas.