[Music genre and global music market] What is samba? traditional brazilian music

When most people think of samba, they think of Brazil. In Brazil, December 2nd is celebrated as Samba Day. When most people think of samba, they imagine women dancing with loud music and flashy costumes. Although samba is considered traditional Brazilian music, it did not originate in music, but in collective dance.
Live Venue

[South America Live Venue] Brazil Estadio de Maracanã

Estadio de Maracanã is the world's largest soccer stadium in Brazil. The stadium used by the Brazilian national team and was also used in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It is also used in the Olympics and has a wide range of uses.
Musician Background

[Brazil] Musician Background : Anitta

Anitta is a Brazilian singer-songwriter. With the success of her 2013 song "Showdaspoderosas", she signed a contract with Warner Music Brazil. After Anitta released the single "Showdas Poderosas", she became nationally famous in 2013.