[Musical instruments and personality analysis] Characteristics of people who like guitars

Instruments have parts such as vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. People who choose guitars have certain tendencies. Although there are exceptions in the personality, characteristics, and tendencies of the guitarist race, there are some commonalities. What kind of people are playing the guitar there? And I'm writing an article about what kind of trends can be seen in people who like guitars.

[Music and Talent] Talented and Untalented Characteristics

In the world of music, there are those who are talented and those who are not. Many people wonder if they have musical talent or taste. Many people wonder how musical talent is developed, but it is surprisingly easy. Some of it is genetic, but it's really just like any other profession.

[Music] People who want to be a singer Characteristics and reasons

There are many people around the world who want to be singers. But few people care why they want to be a singer. People who want to be a singer have something in common. There are some things in common, and anyone who fits into one of them may want to be a singer or have a personality or ideology to be a singer.