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[Europe Live Venue] Oslo, Norway: Urevor Stadion

Urevor Stadion is a famous soccer stadium in Oslo, Norway. The stadium is always used by the Norwegian national football team and is famous for football. The stadium opened in 1926 and can accommodate 25,000 people.

[Norwegian musical instrument history] Hardanger fiddle: folk instrument

Hardanger fiddle is a Scandinavian / Norwegian folk instrument that was born in the Hardanger region of western Norway in the 17th century and has spread to the world. It has four strings and is very similar to a violin, but in reality it is different from a violin. Four to five resonance strings are stretched behind the fingerboard to decorate the entire instrument.
Musician Background

[Norway] Musician Background : Nico & Vinz

Nico & Vinz is a Norwegian duo consisting of Kahouly Nicolay "Nico" Serebah from Holmlia, Oslo and Vincent "Vinzy V" Dery from Lambertseter, Oslo. They were formed as an envy in 2010, but by the end of 2012 they changed their name to Nico & Vinz. They are famous for their biggest hit single "Am I Wrong", which peaked at No. 2 in Norway, Denmark and Sweden and No. 1 in the UK.
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[Norway] Musician Background : Astrid S

Astrid S is a Norwegian singer-songwriter. In 2013, she ranked fifth in the Norwegian version of the pop idol titled "Idol – Jaktenpåen superstjerne". In 2020, she released her debut studio album "Leave It Beautiful" through Universal.
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[Norway] Musician Background : K-391

K-391 is a Norwegian music producer. Best known for his 2018 single "Ignite". This is a collaboration with Norway's No. 1 Alan Walker, Julie Bergan and Seungri. DAW uses his FL Studio and has his own studio in his hometown of Norway. K-391 says he can make a lot of good works because he can make them in a calm environment.
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[Norway] Musician Background : Kygo

Kygo is a Norwegian record producer, musician and songwriter. He gained international attention with a remix of Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire". It has been played over 55 million times on SoundCloud and over 65 million times on YouTube. Born in Singapore, he started taking piano lessons at the age of six. When he was young, he was interested in finance and began studying subjects at university. But he became interested in music. Kygo released his first single "Epsilon" in 2013. The following year, he released the single "Firestone" with great success.
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[United Kingdom] Musician Background : Alan Walker

Alan Walker is a Norwegian and British music producer and DJ. He made a name for himself on the single track "Faded". The song has been a hit all over the world and has been platinum certified in more than 10 countries. Walker became interested in music production by listening to composers such as David Whistle and Hans Zimmer. Walker is not educated in composition but learned to make music by listening to the tutorial video on "YouTube".