[Music and talent] Is the sense of rhythm strongly influenced by genetics? Is it possible to acquire it with effort?

Rhythm is very important when playing music. Music has different tempos and different rhythms. Some people may think that they don't have a sense of rhythm when they sing or play an instrument, but is a sense of rhythm a genetic component? Or is it something that can be acquired through hard work?

[Childcare and education] How to identify musical talent Characteristics of talented people

As a parent, there are so many families that let their children play music as part of their education. Some families have pianos, violins, guitars, and even vocals. Depending on the person, progress may be fast or slow, so many people seem to judge whether they are talented or not based on that, but in reality, the essence is different.

[Music and Talent] Is Talented a Genetic Influence? congenital element?

When it comes to talent and heredity, does music have anything to do with it? Of course, when you say you're born with it, it's genetic, but can you really say that all musicians have it? Is musical talent determined by genes? There must be a lot of people who think that. But it can also be surprisingly wrong.

[Voice training] Effective for non-singers voice actors, narrators, talents, announcers

When you hear voice training, there are so many people who think that it is a training method for singers. Voice training is to teach voice training such as vocalization and singing to those who want to make a beautiful voice. In other words, the use is not limited to singing. Voice training is also effective for people who work with voice.

[Music and Talent] Talented and Untalented Characteristics

In the world of music, there are those who are talented and those who are not. Many people wonder if they have musical talent or taste. Many people wonder how musical talent is developed, but it is surprisingly easy. Some of it is genetic, but it's really just like any other profession.

[Music] People who want to be a singer Talent is irrelevant

There are many people around the world who want to be singers. And most people often give up because they can't become a singer. However, most of the people who give up are mentally distressed and quit. The person who is actually a singer is a person who has been active all the time without giving up.