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[Singer, voice actor, narrator, interpreter, announcer] Do vocal cords have a lifespan? Is it possible to prevent aging?

For singers, voice actors, narrators, interpreters, announcers, and others who work with voice, their vocal cords are just as valuable as their lives. You can get money by speaking out, and you can be active as a professional, so you can call it a lifeline. Is there such a thing as aging in the vocal cords? And can aging be prevented?

[Voice training] Effective for non-singers voice actors, narrators, talents, announcers

When you hear voice training, there are so many people who think that it is a training method for singers. Voice training is to teach voice training such as vocalization and singing to those who want to make a beautiful voice. In other words, the use is not limited to singing. Voice training is also effective for people who work with voice.